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When night draws, musical pubs are ideal to get to know the night atmosphere in Cadaqués. Some offer live music, others offer the latest music to the youngest visitors.

Most of the pubs are located at Miquel Rosset Street, popularly known as Felipa Street, although there are many more along the coast or in the town centre.

With a cosmopolitan and bohemian atmosphere, Cadaqués is very different from the rest of towns in Costa Brava.

Night pubs have also been visited by famous people who have contributed to developing the town’s artistic and bohemian image.

Passeig,1 - 972 258 651 -

Miquel Rosset, 16

Miquel Rosset, 17

Doctor Bartomeus, 2 - 972 258 689 -

Miquel Rosset, 19 - 972 258 801 -

C/ Miquel Rosset, nº22 - 972 258 685

Miquel Rosset, 15