An unforgettable world


Cadaqués climate is influenced by the fact that it faces south and that it is separated from Empordà, the surrounding area, by Pení Mountain. Besides, it is very close to The Pyrenees which does make for some unique local weather systems. So if you are planning to travel to Cadaqués, you had better consult the French weather forecast.

Cadaqués enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with cool winters and hot summers. Autumn and spring are usually mild.
Cadaqués and the north of Costa Brava can be subjected to the Tramuntana, an impressive wind that blows off the Pyrenees and which can reach more than 100km/h, especially in Cap de Creus area.

Sometimes, it can blow for some days or even one week.

Its effects can be clearly seen in the rugged landscape, rocks, trees, stones as the wind has shaped them for years.