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Tourism Alt Empordà

Cadaqués Photo album by Joan Masferrer

Enjoy Painting Catalonia

EPC (Enjoy Painting Catalonia) has been organising highly successful Watercolour painting holidays in Spain for a number of years. Our company is based in Girona (Spain) which gives us a real contact with the land. We know the best potentialities of our area, from the Costa Brava to the south of France (La Provence) from every point of view : venues, hotels, transport, food, wines, hidden corners, etc.

Center for Cadaqués Studies (CEESCA)

The Centre of Studies Cadaquesencs (CEESCA) is an organisation created to protect and develop the cultural heritage, which includes the history, culture, art and nature of Cadaqués; and also its surroundings, to preserve the local dialect, one of the most important values in the village


Gran Tour Catalunya

Turismo de Cadaqués

Wine Route DO Empordà

An unforgettable wine tourism experience awaits you in Empordà on the Costa Brava. The DO Empordà Wine Route immerses you in a deep-rooted tradition of the area, dating as far back as Roman times. Now you have the chance to experience this part of our gastronomic identity up close, discovering all the secrets of red, white and rosé Empordà wines.

Identity and culture club

Nature and active tourism club

Town Hall

From here it is possible to accede to the information of the services related to Cadaqués.

Diputació de Girona

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