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The villagers, like the people living in Alt Empordà, are excellent gourmets.

Due to the rocky coast and the sea gales and storms, Cap de Creus fish and seafood is delicious and appreciated for its intense taste.

The traditional dishes are: seafood paella, scorpionfish with sauce and potatoes, sardines, anchovies, gilt-head breams, dusky groupers, red porgies, sea urchins, lobsters, mussels and many others can be tasted in the different restaurants according to the season, as writer Josep Pla wrote about the town:

In Cadaqués there are four delightful dishes: sea urchins in winter, rock mussels in spring; lobster or European lobster in summer.

                                                                            JOSEP PLA "Cadaqués"

Allioli, one of the most popular and delicious Catalan sauces made of garlic and olive oil, is sometimes served with grilled food, especially meat.

Anchovies are another important produce which, in Cadaqués, are preserved in salt and pepper for ten months.

Anchovies are served on a slice of bread with tomato and some oil. They are delicious and sea-flavoured.

Josep Pla, drawn by the authenticity of Cadaqués cuisine and connoisseur of salted fish techniques, said: Soon after the anchovies are caught, they are cleaned, taking into account that the stomach should not be completely opened and respecting the red thread linking the head to the stomach. Then they are put over a flat surface and covered in sea salt to eliminate the excess of water. Then a sea salt layer is put at the bottom of a walnut or an oak tree barrel, and they are layered with sea salt, black pepper and some thyme between each layer. The barrel is covered with a wooden top and then a weight is placed on top of it.

Good wine, a large ring-shaped bun, Catalan crème brulée, Swiss rolls, custard, and taps (a kind of cake with the shape of cork stoppers) are some of the examples of Cadaqués’ cuisine. Taps have been made in La Mallorquina cake shop since the 17th century, although nowadays they are included in most restaurants’ dessert carte. Burilles and crespells are only made at Easter, matrimonis (matrimonies), peix de nata (cream fish) as well as sponge cakes and flaones (a kind of cheese cake) are also typical of Cadaqués.

Unfortunately, wine growing has slowly disappeared. However, Martin Faixó family has recovered it and produces homemade white, red and rosé wine together with Grenache and Muscatel wine.


DO Empordà - Wine Route:

Generally speaking, it is a simple and balanced cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, with olive oil as its main ingredient. Olive oil, like fish, has an intense, nearly wild flavour, as it grows in the immensity of Cap de Creus Natural Park.